THANK YOU FOR CONSIDERING US for your storage needs.  Have some questions about storage??  The 10 tips below may help!!

Our storage facility’s heavy metal doors, key code access, and climate control units won’t help if your possessions break in transit or are stored in a risky way.

Success in the world of self storage relies on attention to detail. Moving your belongings can be a tiring experience, but it’s critical to stay diligent and use all the tools at your disposal to keep your stuff safe and sound.  Here at Melancon Storage we want your items to be in as good as possible shape when you take them home!

Here are some tips for success when it comes to self storage:

  1. Box liberally. There’s never a reason to skimp on boxing. Boxes provide a reliable layer of protection, along with an easier means to stack items. It may cost an extra few cents to box those awkward items, but in transit and in storage it will pay off.
  2. Utilize foam and bubble wrap. Bubble wrap isn’t just for and UPS. You have access to it at the DAK Supply Store, so don’t pass up on the ability to cushion your prized possessions on a bed of air. DO NOT TAPE YOUR FURNITURE!  It will not be pretty when you take it off.
  3. Get access to a moving vehicle. You may have someone in your life with a big box van and plenty of tie down straps. If so, that’s great. If you don’t, consider renting a moving van for a few hours. Trying to balance all of your belongings in, around, and on top of your car can make for a troublesome afternoon.
  4. Dismantle furniture when possible. You’d be surprised how helpful taking off table legs or removing desk drawers can be. If you have plenty of boxes around (see tip #1) then you can store furniture accessories near the furniture itself, and transit with everything will be made easier.
  5. Drain liquids out of appliances. If you are storing washers, dryers, or anything of that nature, be sure to drain the liquid out of it fully. This liquid can freeze, causing damage to the unit. It can also grow stale and moldy, causing unpleasant odor and bacteria to spread to your other boxes.
  6. Make a list. At some point after you are finished with your storage move in, you’ll ask yourself or a loved one: “hey, did we store xyz or is that in the house somewhere?” Don’t get caught digging around in confusion. As you move your items, make a list and keep it handy.
  7. Stack fragile and high access items last. You don’t want your most delicate items buried under a sea of heavy boxes and furniture. You also don’t want to wade through a pile of stuff just to get to something you might need in the near future. Store fragile and high-use items last, closest to the door.
  8. Be selective about sharing your key code. DAK Self Storage is a key code facility, but that won’t help if your key code is widely shared. Try to keep it as private as possible.
  9. Double check your lock. Before leaving your storage unit, double check that you have locked the unit properly. The doors are heavy and the locks secure, but just like with auto invasion, unlocked doors can be one of the biggest culprits for stolen possessions.
  10. Utilize renters and home owners insurance.  The owner of a storage facility is not liable for lost and damaged items, they can only do their best to help keep it safe. In case of an accident, make sure your possessions are part of a private insurance plan. Also check with your storage facility owner to find out if a pay-with-rent insurance plan is available.